Exercise 4

Exercise aims:

Download and print the music – Exercise 4

  • This exercise focuses on left hand technique; in particular precision and strength.
  • Play the exercise using thumb and finger in the right hand (keep that arm swinging) and all four fingers in the left (from bar 3 you need to use all four left hand fingers every bar)
  • Be aware of your left hand mechanics, refer to The Left Hand if you need any reminding. Each finger should only lift a little when not in use and needs to press gently into the strings when in use. Stopping a lute string requires very little effort! If you have any tension in your left hand, re-evaluate your sitting position (shoulders and back in particular) and the way your left hand holds the neck of the lute.
  • When you shift (and you need to shift a lot in this exercise) always gently move the whole hand in one go – making sure not to leave your thumb behind. Shifting requires no tension or effort in the hand.
  • Be tension free – keep checking the rest of your body, even your legs.
  • At the point your hands begin to feel tired, stop for a rest.

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Exercise 4 from Alex McCartney on Vimeo.

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