AlexM (28 of 28)

“I am honoured to have such generous, philanthropic supporters. They form an essential part of the team that I work with to produce my recordings.

Today the Arts are continually protected from ossification by the goodwill of individuals.

I would like to recognise those who have chosen to support my work and offer them humble thanks.”


Joseph Chesshyre
Rosie O’Grady
Jen Martin
Siobhan Armstrong
Todor Nikolaev
Anonymous Donor
John Croall
Anonymous Donor
Anthony Hart
Toby Carr
Tom Emlyn Williams
Jean-Marie Poirier
Ibi Aziz
Din Ghani
Albert Edelman
Steven Wareing
Esther Brazil
Stephen Hogg
Chris Webb
Katie De La Matter
Davina Clarke
Melissa Scott
Anonymous Donor
Luke Emmet
David Lee
Anthony Barton
Daniel O’Leary
Adam Woolf
Eric Crouch
Pamela Hope
David Smith
David John Owen
Mark Savage
Arnie Brown
Sloan Schwindt
Laura Brownrigg
Matteo Turri
Cynthia Balme
Michael Peterson
Alan Hoyle
Inga M Klaucke
Angela Hicks
Geoffrey Irwin
Rosemary Galton
Max Mausen
Michael Bailey
Jonathan Barclay
David Krupka


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